Healthful Hydration
ROAR Beverages Inc., Bethlehem, Pa., used NatExpo West 2023 to introduce a new ready-to-drink flavor, Strawberry Lemonade; and ROAR Plus, a new line of naturally flavored vitamin and electrolyte drink mixes (available on QVC and online).

ROAR’s core Complete Hydration Strawberry Lemonade flavor delivers 100% daily value of vitamins C, B5, B6 and B12 and an excellent source of antioxidants from vitamins A, C and E, with only 20 calories and 2g of sugar per 18oz bottle. New ROAR Plus has a blend of antioxidants, vitamins and electrolytes, and is also boosted with 1,000 mg of vitamin C, as well as added zinc, elderberry and green tea polyphenols, with only 2g of sugar and 20 calories per single-serve stick. ROAR Plus comes in Berry Lemonade and Strawberry Watermelon flavors.

Citrus—Matched with Yerba Mate
Yerbaé Brands Corp., Scottsdale, Ariz., this month extended its namesake energy drink line with two new flavors: Lemonade and Yuzu Lime.

"The team at Yerbaé is thrilled to introduce these two delicious flavors to our customers,” said CEO Todd Gibson. “Lemonade is a classic summer favorite, while Yuzu Lime brings a unique, refreshing citrus twist to our line of beverages. We are always looking for ways to innovate and bring new, exciting flavors to our customers."

All Yerbaé energy beverages are zero calorie, zero sugar, non-GMO, and gluten free.

Day and Night
Happi, Birmingham, Mich., introduced two new cannabis-based drinks for day and night:

Happi Glow and Happi Nightcap. Created with a unique blend of minor cannabinoids and non-psychedelic lion's mane and reishi mushrooms, these formulas are the first of their kind, company officials say.

Happi Glow comes in a Blood Orange Ginger flavor. Each can has 5mg of THC, 5mg of CBD, 3mg of CBG, and 2mg of CBN. Happi Glow offers the benefit of lion's mane mushroom, which can help promote calm and focus. Happi Nightcap is available in Turkish Apple Tea flavor with notes of crisp apple and warm spices, the company says. Each can has 5mg of THC and 5mg of CBN combined with reishi to aid sleep.

Each formula is vegan and gluten-free. In addition to Glow and Nightcap, the brand also features two original flavors: Lemon Elderflower and Raspberry Honeysuckle.

Powerful Boosts
REBBL Inc., Emeryville, Calif., greeted NatExpo West with two no-added sugar Wellness Elixir drinks as well as five new flavored Protein beverages.

Joining the juice-based Elixir line are new Tropical Greens and Berry Roots varieties and each has a branded ingredient, Aquamin, a mineralized marine-sourced red algae to boost gut health and an immunity-boosting punch. Tropical Greens has a blend of pineapple, orange, passionfruit, spinach, and cucumber with a twist of lime. Berry Roots has a blend of blueberry, raspberry, and strawberry with beets and carrots.

Joining the Protein line are the following new flavors: Coconut Macaroon, Strawberries & Creme and Oatmeal Cookie as well as limited-edition seasonal flavors, Spiced Pumpkin Pie and Peppermint Dark Chocolate. The organic, ready-to-drink protein beverages (12oz) deliver 16g of plant-based protein along with maca, ashwagandha, reishi; zinc and medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) from coconut.

Keytone Hydration
Tecton Group, Alexandria, La., used the Global Health & Fitness Association’s annual IHRSA conference in San Diego to showcase its Tecton keytone hydration drink. Officials say the non-carbonated beverage is sugar- and caffeine-free, and contains 10g of exogenous ketones that fuel human cells more efficiently than glucose (sugar).

Tecton comes in two varieties: Magma and Glacier. Magma ingredients include water and ketone ester. It contains 1% or less of: natural flavors, citric acid, sodium beta hydroxybutyrate salt, monk fruit extract, monopotassium phosphate, fruit and vegetable Juice (for color).

Coffee—With Benefits
Lucky Jack Coffee, Las Vegas, said it extended its line of ready-to-drink Oatmilk Cold Brew Nitro Latte beverages with two new flavors: Vanilla Collagen and Mocha Adaptogenic.

Officials say the canned, 7.5oz lattes pack 130mgs of caffeine and just 70-80 calories with only 4-5g of sugar (depending on flavor), in addition to being gluten-free, nut-free, kosher and low in carbohydrates. Luck Jack says Vanilla Collagen Latte delivers a daily dose of collagen and protein; while the Mocha Adaptogenic Latte contains adaptogens such as maca and ashwagandha to help reduce stress, boost the immune system and improve mental clarity.

Available on Amazon,, and select retailers, the suggested retail price is $34.99 for a 12-pack.