™, an online sports nutrition ecommerce brand, announced its new performance supplement line, Elite.

The creation of Elite serves as an extension of the brand's private label offering, including the original Signature Series, which was reformulated, rebranded, and relaunched in 2018. While Signature continues to fuel the fitness industry with high quality ingredients at an affordable price, Elite ups the ante with its Informed Sport Certification, allowing athletes everywhere to consume products that have been third-party tested. debuts the line with Elite Ultimate Pre-Workout Stim-Free, formulated with two scientifically researched and trademarked ingredients while offering a caffeine-free alternative for a pre-movement mix. The product is designed to prepare the body and mind for training without stimulants, making it easily stackable with other supplements. It also combines Citrulline and Beta-Alanine to support blood flow and endurance, allowing athletes participating in all modalities to consume before training.

Elite Ultimate Pre-Workout Stim-Free features a fan favorite flavor, Rocket Pop, and is available for $39.99 for 24 servings.