McCormick For Chefs launched two new products under Frank’s RedHot for foodservice operators, Nashville Hot Seasoning and Mild Wings Sauce. More than 50% of global consumers choose spicy options when dining out and 60% of consumers reported they are eating spicier foods today compared to a year ago. These new menu solutions are geared to help operators excite the growing population of patrons with preferences on opposite sides of the heat-level spectrum. 

Frank’s RedHot Mild Wings Sauce
This sauce offers a mild heat with all the flavor and spices of the original wings sauce. This versatile sauce works on menu items from breakfast and appetizers to salads and main dishes. Available in a one-gallon jug, it’s ready to use right out of the bottle—no need to dilute a spicier sauce to deliver more mild taste. 

Backed by a brand guests trust and love, this sauce also scored high with consumers in a blind taste test. Frank’s Mild Wings Sauce was reported to exceed consumer expectations and is preferred compared to existing mild offerings in the back of house.

Get inspired to use it in your kitchen with these menu ideas:
• RedHot Mild Chicken Wings: the perfect canvas for flavor and an easy win for wing night.
• Cheesy Buffalo Bacon Potato Skins: starches like this appetizer are a low-risk way for guests to experience mild heat.  
• Loaded Buffalo Chicken Flatbread: pizza is always a fan-favorite and holds up well for to-go orders.

Frank’s RedHot Nashville Hot Seasoning
The Nashville Hot Chicken trend is here to stay—the flavor has seen a 309% growth in 4 years on U.S. menus.4 Tap into the craze with this seasoning—it delivers a HOT kick and a bit of sweetness with an expert blend of high-quality, potent ingredients including cayenne peppers, brown sugar, and garlic. It’s a versatile, dry seasoning that doesn’t affect crisp or crunch—perfect for dishes that don’t like getting saucy. Chefs who make their own blends can also save on time and labor with this consistent mix. 

Deliver on-trend Nashville Hot flavor for fried chicken and so much more with these recipes:
• Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich: win the chicken sandwich wars with a twist on the classic dish.
• Nashville BBQ Pulled Pork Nachos: put the blend to the test by using it on pulled pork to top off nachos.
• Nashville Hot Macaroni and Cheese: the perfect side to surprise guests looking for spicy in new formats.